The Benefits of Land

kids in forest

There are many benefits to land protection.

  • Boosts happiness.
  • Protects your property and home values.
  • Preserves drinking water quality.
  • Reduces flooding.
  • Improves water quality in our lakes and rivers.
  • Gets kids outdoors in nature.

  • Conserves wildlife.
  • Provides homes for insects like the Honeybee, Monarch Butterfly and Fireflies, all disappearing due to poorly planned development, development of rural lands and the use of mowing and herbicides to control vegetation.


  • Provides a high quality of life and rural lifestyle.
  • Protects working farms (growing our own food and not relying on other countries is vital for national security) and ranches.
  • Provides recreational opportunities for hiking, biking, walking, horseback riding, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities.
  • Offers opportunities for children to learn about our environment.
  • Preserves future generations’ choices.


  • Reduces traffic congestion.
  • Keeps taxes low.
  • Provide fiscal benefits to municipal governments.
  • Preserves your town’s attractive rural character and attracts visitors who spend money in the local economy.
  • Preserves vital tourism economies.


  • Protects important scenic views.
  • Minimizes or eliminates storm water pollution runoff.
  • Preserves trees and air quality.
  • Provides places to explore, play and exercise.
  • Increases home values.
  • Being in nature relieves stress, depression and anxiety and improves your mood and mental health. Research shows a lower incidence of 15 diseases—including depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and migraines—in people living within about a half mile of green space. People living on blocks with more trees showed a boost in heart and metabolic health equivalent to what one would experience from a $20,000 gain in income. Lower mortality and fewer stress hormones circulating in the blood have been connected to living close to green space. Research shows less death and disease in people who live near parks or other green space—even if they didn’t use them.

woods walk



Although many Americans say that they “love nature and the outdoors”, environmental causes receive less than 3% of Americans donations to charity. Let’s change this, starting today. Donate to The Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit saving large tracts of land.