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“One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea.”
-Walter Bagehot



Planning Commission Boot Camp

top 10

Top Ten Ways to Preserve Land and Water in Your Community


con sub book

One of the best books (above) for designing better neighborhoods.

Conservation Design for Subdivisions

Rural by Design book 2015

Growing Greener: Putting Conservation Into Local Plans And Ordinances

Conservation Communities: Creating Value with Nature, Open Space, and Agriculture book

Dealing with Change in the Connecticut River Valley: A Design Manual for Conservation and Development book

Preserving Family Lands

LandChoices Books (LandChoices’ Website)

Residential Streets

The Farmhouse: New Inspiration for the Classic American Home

Books for Families


The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age

Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life

Neighborhoods that Preserve Lakes


Dunham Lake

History of Dunham Lake


Top 10 Ways to Preserve Land and Water in Your Community For professional planners and citizen planners

Economic Benefits of Open Space Protection (PDF)

Cost of Community Services Studies (PDF)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Home Building (PDF) Note: Ever wonder why so many homes look so out of scale and unattractive? Builders are not architects.

National Land Protection Organizations


Land Trust Alliance

Find a Land Trust near you

Trust for Public Land

The Conservation Fund

American Farmland Trust

More National Organizations

Some Amazing Land Trusts

Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

Equine Land Conservation Resource

Lancaster Farmland Trust

Mississippi Valley Conservancy

Natural Lands Trust

Piedmont Environmental Council

Vermont Land Trust

Helpful Websites

The Disappearing West

The Next 100 Years of American Conservation

Land and Water Conservation Fund

Conservation Developers

Qroe Farm Preservation Development

Conservation Design Expert


Randall Arendt

Additional Links from Randall Arendt



Russell Versaci

Archer & Buchanan Architecture

Land Use Attorneys

Steve Small

Conservation Property for Sale

Conservation Trust for North Carolina

Purchase of Development Rights: Preserving Farmland and Open Space


Kent County (MI) Purchase of Development Rights Program

Preserving Farmland in Kent County: Purchase of Development Rights

Doesn’t tax revenue grow when new homes and businesses are built on open farmland?
Tax revenue does grow, but costs grow even faster. The problem is that residential and business development costs more in services than it provides in tax revenue. Farmland provides more in tax revenue than it costs in services. Learn more:
Answers to the Top 10 Questions on Preserving Farmland in Kent County: A White Paper on PDR (Purchase of Development Rights) (PDF)


The Dark Side of the Perfectly Manicured American Lawn: Is It Giving You Cancer?
Your grass may be greener than your neighbor’s, but at what price?

Could Your Lawn Be Lethal?

No Jo

Commercial mosquito control business is growing, but spraying could hurt good bugs

Save Butterflies


Save the Monarch Butterflies

Save Honeybees

Save the Honeybees

For the American Landowner

The Land Report

Resources to create beautiful neighborhoods

Chimney Rock

Click here for a list of links to conservation neighborhoods

Marketing Conservation Subdivisions (PDF)

Turning M&M’s into homes with Randall Arendt’s workshop (PDF)

Greener Prospects (Randall Arendt’s website)

Randall Arendt’s M&M Workshop Information Sheet (PDF)

Links for Families

Children and Nature Network



“We cannot solve our problems with the
same thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein